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We give our customers a place to openly communicate and learn about their personalized borrowing options. Each of us has an interesting money related situation and our aim is to help you through your unique financial journey to accomplish your personal goals. By talking with one of our Senior Loan Representatives you can learn more about the loaning procedure and determine your best course for achievement. We can help you discover ways to improve your finances, so you can get a loan offer that can work for you. Whatever money related status you are working toward, is driven to helping you get there.

is an independent firm headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Rocket Daddy, Inc. the parent company was founded 15 years ago, and has served over ten million applicants in the US. With nearly 200 employees, we are always looking for talented individuals looking to positively change the financial industry.

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The Mission of is to enhance the lending procedure by making it more efficient, transparent, and secure.

We are dedicated to matching our clients through the mastering and utilization of numerous advanced integrated technologies, we intend to connect you with an available loan option that can work for you. is consistently enhancing our clients' experience with our well-trained and diverse staff that is devoted to addressing our clients' needs.

We are focused on conveying and sharing precise and useful financial information effectively when our clients need it most, so they can make proficient monetary choices, while at the same time, protecting their privacy. We strive for the most extreme level of demonstrable skill, courtesy, and integrity in all interactions with our clients and partners. Most importantly, we are resolved to advance positive change inside our industry in support of our nation and society.


's vision is to emphatically change the financial industry and serve our nation, community, and each and every client with demonstrable skill, courtesy, and trustworthiness.

About 15 years ago, our founder and CEO, Kurt Artecona, founded Rocket Daddy, Inc. a small marketing and design company that matched thousands of applicants with various lending partners to obtain the financing they needed. He learned that the financial industry thought of, and treated, people like numbers - if you weren't in the top 1.5% in terms of income and credit, the industry considered you a "waste product". It was this way of doing business that motivated Kurt to find a way to improve what he saw as an injustice. At , we know that everyone looking for a loan has a story and needs help - help they are not receiving from the financial industry. We know people are looking to better their circumstances and can feel caught in a devastating loop without knowing how to get out!

Our vision is to help figure out how to instruct you so you can improve your financial situation, make more informed decisions and, hopefully, find financial success. We help you save time and money by providing precise information. We are constantly evolving our innovative technology to develop less expensive and more effective alternatives for you. By utilizing and mastering various advanced integrated technologies, we aim to connect you with an available loan option that can work for you.

also envisions a more secure, transparent, and efficient lending process. We are dedicated to matching you, with the most reputable loan providers available.

We are constantly enhancing the lending experience with our well-trained and diverse staff who are dedicated to finding solutions for you.

is completely dedicated to communicating and sharing accurate and useful financial information effectively. When you require it most, we are there to help you make proficient financial decisions, while at the same time, securing your privacy. We will always strive to reach the best level of polished skill, professionalism, courtesy, and integrity in all of our interactions with you. When working with you, we feel that being honest and having strong moral principles is the best reflection of our identity as an organization.

Our mission statement is not only a “thought” to us – it is an undeniable objective – and one we expect to accomplish!

Loan Option disclosure:

Disclaimer: The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. This website offers a service that attempts to connect potential borrowers, with available offers, based on on self reported information. By submitting your information through this site, you consent to having it shared with third parties for the purpose of facilitating your request. All financial products and services are presented without warranty and providing your information on this website does not guarantee an approval with said products or services. Pre-qualified offers are not binding. Terms, conditions, and policies vary by product, service, state, and your particular financial situation. It is the user's responsibility to read all third party disclaimers and restrictions before proceeding.

APR Disclosure: The Annual Percentage Rate is the rate at which your loan accrues interest and is based upon the amount, cost and term of your loan, repayment amounts and timing of payments. Lenders are legally required to show you the APR and other terms of your loan before you execute a loan agreement. Offers on this site have repayment terms from twelve to a maximum of eighty-four months, and an annual percentage rate (APR) ranging from 5.74% to a maximum of 35.99%.

For example, if you took out a $30,000 loan on a 20% interest rate. The total payback would be $36,000 making the yearly interest amount $6,000. The APR is the percentage of interest paid for the entire year plus additional fees and costs.

Here is an example of the cost of a loan for a person with an excellent credit profile:
If you take a $10,000 loan for a five year term at 8% interest rate with a 3% origination fee, you would receive $9,700 ($10,000 less the $300 origination fee) and would make sixty monthly payments of approximately $202.76 which equates to an APR of 8.69%. The total cost of the loan would be $12,165.60.

Advisory: Legitimate lenders will never ask for advance payment. NEVER pay a lender in advance for a loan.

We are partnered with multiple national lending partners and all credit situations are considered.


An APR demonstrates to you the cost of obtaining cash on a yearly premise. It can help you rapidly think about various advances or credit cards on a logical premise. The APR on an individual advance can incorporate both the financing cost and start charge. The start charge may likewise be deducted from your advance continues, and there is generally no expense on the off chance that you don't get an advance.
The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the rate at which your loan accumulates interest, and is based upon the individual loan specialist's program. All terms and conditions for any credit for which you qualify will be displayed before you present your application. APRs differ from 4.79% to 35.99% for unsecured individual advances.
For instance, If the start expense is deducted and you get a $6,000 36-month credit at a financing cost of 6.99% with a 2% beginning charge of $120.00, you could get an advance measure of $5,880.00 and make 36 regularly scheduled installments of roughly $185.24 at a 8.36% APR. On account of a $20,000 60-month credit at a financing cost of 7.62% with a 3% beginning expense of $600.00, you could get an advance measure of $19,400.00 and make 60 regularly scheduled installments of roughly $401.90 at a 8.91% APR. Your real month to month installment more often than not shifts in view of the APR, advance sum and term chose.

Credit Implications

Our partaking lending partners may check your standardized security number, driver's permit number, national ID, or whatever other state or government distinguishing proof, and review your data against national databases to incorporate, however not constrained to, Equifax, Transunion, Experian, Teletrack, or DP Bureau to decide credit value, credit standing or potentially credit limit. Some of our partaking loan specialists won't perform credit checks for the three major noteworthy credit credit reporting bureaus. At the point when outsiders check your credit score rating, it can actually lower your rating. We will bend over backward to just present projects where you have a decent shot of accepting your advance the first occasion when you apply. Credit checks or shopper reports through option suppliers, for example, Teletrack or DP Bureau, commonly won't influence your financial assessment. By presenting your enrollment through this site, you consent to permit partaking loan specialists to confirm your data and check your credit as depicted in their strategies and terms.

Implications of Late Payments

Every lender has its own particular criteria and strategy with regards to late payments. This may incorporate extra charges and interest, and may bring about reports to the three major credit announcing departments creating your financial assessment (credit score) to be brought down. Before you consent to an advance, make certain you have perused and comprehend the ramifications of making late installments. Likewise, each state has standards and directions set up that moneylenders must take after when assessing charges for late installments.

Implications of Non-Payment & Collection Practices

In the event that you don't make the installments on your advance, you might be responsible for extra fees, interest, and gathering costs. This may bring down your credit score. Moneylenders are required by government and state laws to utilize reasonable practices in their collection actions for an advance that has not been repaid. Lending Partners should comply with the following practice:

  • Not contacting you by phone before 8 am or after 9 pm
  • Not using deception to try to collect money from you
  • Not threatening you with legal action if it is not permitted
  • Not harassing you or using abusive language towards you over the phone

We will only permit moneylenders who are trustworthy and keep up their notorieties effectively; That being said, in the event that you discover any conduct that is not proficient, or you feel is savage, we need and want to know promptly. We esteem your trust in us to help you with your financial needs.
We are your advocate and your involvement with us is foremost to the achievement of our organization.